Hon Francis Aliu Congratulates Senator Monday Okpebhelo For Emerging APC Governorship Candidate


Hon Francis Aliu, the youth leader of Jattu Ward 11, has expressed his heartfelt congratulations to Senator Monday for emerging as the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate.

This announcement came after a rigorous primary election process that showcased Senator Monday’s dedication and popularity amongst party members.

Hon Francis Aliu praised Senator Monday for his dedication to public service and his commitment to uplifting the masses. He highlighted the senator’s impressive track record of accomplishments, which includes numerous infrastructural developments, improvements in education, and healthcare reforms.

As the youth leader, Hon Francis Aliu understands the importance of strong and capable leadership to drive progress. He believes that Senator Monday possesses the necessary qualities and vision to take the state to greater heights. Hon Francis Aliu emphasized the senator’s ability to connect with the youth and engage them in meaningful activities that will shape their future positively.

Hon Francis Aliu also commended the APC for conducting a free and fair primary election, thereby giving every aspiring candidate a democratic chance to represent the party. He urged all party members to rally behind Senator Monday and support his campaign for a better future for the state.


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