Edo APC Primary: Hon Ahmed Musa Congratulates Okpebhelo, Urges Unity Within Party


Hon Ahmed Musa, the vibrant and progressive politician, has joined in congratulating Senator Monday Okpebhelo for emerging as the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate in the forthcoming elections.

Hon Musa acknowledges the dedication and hard work put into the campaign by Senator Okpebhelo and his team, which has resulted in this well-deserved victory.

In his congratulatory message, Hon Musa emphasized the importance of unity within the party. He called upon all party members to come together and rally behind Senator Okpebhelo’s candidacy. Unity, he believes, is crucial to ensuring a successful campaign and a stronger APC.

Hon Musa also highlighted the need for the APC to reach out to other stakeholders and interest groups in order to build a broader coalition. He emphasized the importance of inclusivity and embracing different ideologies for the overall betterment of the party and the state. Working together, he believes, will bring about the desired positive change that the people are yearning for.

Furthermore, Hon Musa urged Senator Okpebhelo to remain focused on the goals and aspirations of the people of the state.

He urged him to prioritize the welfare and development of the citizens, ensuring that their needs and concerns are addressed.


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