How To Make Your Partner Jealous And Attract More Attention


Invoking a little jealousy in your partner’s mind can be a healthy thing as it indicates possessiveness and concern and can keep one from being taken for granted. Here are six ways you can make your partner jealous and reignite love in the relationship.

Don’t give in to his requests easily

While you don’t need to reject all his efforts, you can appear unimpressed with insincere efforts or lackluster attempts at wooing you. This will send a clear message that he needs to make improved attempts to reinvigorate the dying intimacy between the two of you.


Walk away when he tries to initiate conversations

As men tend to get easily insecure, this lack of interest will provoke them to take on actions of your interest like buying flowers, tidying the house, and even cleaning the dishes to win back your affection.

Make Your Partner Jealous By Going Out With His Friends

Make sure you post Instagram stories while you are on an outing with his friends so that it generates a feeling of insecurity within his mind

Compliment other men

Just as women feel intimidated by the presence of other women, men also hate it when their ladies compliment another man’s gentlemanliness in front of them and this will undoubtedly make your partner jealous.

Ask your friends to speak highly of you

One of the simplest ways of reminding your boyfriend that he hit the jackpot when he met you is to ask your friends to praise you in front of them.

Ask your besties to roll on the floor laughing at your jokes and shower you with unending compliments to rekindle the fading spark in your relationship and remind your partner of your worth.

Recollect experiences from previous relationships and Praise your crushes

Reminiscing the bitter-sweet experiences of your previous relationships without giving away too much is a lightning-fast way of making your boyfriend jealous. These tactfully concealed details will drive him crazy and he will try to get friendlier and closer to you


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